The Secret Power of Color-Coding

You’ve got a lot on your mind. Why not organize it in a way that taps into our neurological preferences?

Yes, the language and naming parts of our brains become more active when processing color categories, which means that color-coding is a great way to stimulate our organizational selves.

But do you know how to color-code?

Step 1: Choose Colors You Like

Perhaps certain colors speak to you. Perhaps you bought a variety pack of pens and the choices have been made with you. Either way, find colors that represent something to you and use those to represent the different parts of your life.

Step 2: Use the colors in your to-do lists.

Invest in some nice Papermate pens and use them in your bullet journal, Panda Planner, napkins, or whatever you use. Be consistent about which colors you use for which tasks!

Step 3: Harness the power of the colors in your different spaces.

Tapping into a color you find inspiring can help you feel more motivated at work. If you chose green for your work-related color, why not decorate your workspace in green? Green mousepad, green desk organizer…you get the idea. If orange makes you think of cooking, opt for orange-hued kitchen towels, utensils, and so on.

Color-coding can be a powerful way to feel more organized. With a single glance at your to-do list, you can evaluate your work-life balance. You can also train your brain to associate certain colors with specific modes of thought and thereby increase your productivity when you see certain colors. It’s science.

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