About Free Ring Circus

Free Ring Circus is an integrated communications and marketing company based in Orlando, Florida. We provide comprehensive creative services to artists of all levels, creative professionals, and educators in arts and cultural fields. Our passion is helping professional artists expand their personal brand, supporting the growth of amateur artists into working professionals, and providing educators and teachers with marketing support. Free Ring Circus provides ghostwriting, social media, artist photography, graphic design, web design and development, and coaching to help artists and educators #TellYourBestStory.

Who We Are

Rachel Wayne

Free Ring Circus offers freelance services by Rachel Wayne, who combines her backgrounds in the performing arts, anthropology, journalism, and marketing to provide robust expertise and creative support to her clients. The name refers to the business’s freelance offerings, the full-circle approach to communications, and Rachel’s side job as a circus artist.

Rachel began her career in creative communications when she joined a student-run theatre troupe at Valdosta State University in Georgia, USA. Being part of the business side of creative enterprises stoked a new passion in her, and she launched her own theatre company, DreamQuilt Productions, while working at the Hippodrome Theatre in Gainesville, Florida.

Meanwhile, she accepted a position in the Office of Sustainability at Alachua County, FL and began developing social sustainability programs, as well as educational programs for county employees. She then moved on to the University of Florida, where she joined the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences as a writer, but quickly donned many hats and began working with faculty, students, and alumni across a wide variety of disciplines. She became adept at writing features, pitching stories to the media, writing and organizing digital content, designing for both digital and print, and editing for web accessibility.

DreamQuilt was growing, and Rachel regularly produced variety shows, art shows, and arts education events. She also served on two cultural organization boards while teaching aerial arts at the local circus school. Through this experience, she became a coach and consultant for several local artists who needed help with contracts, social media, and other aspects of being a creative professional.

In 2019, Rachel relocated to Orlando, Florida, where she quickly became involved with several theatre troupes and launched Free Ring Circus. She now offers specialized communications assistance and coaching to people in a range of artistic and cultural fields.