Creative and Productivity Advice

The Artist’s Guide to Dealing With Covid-19

freeringcircus | March 22, 2020

It’s a difficult time for artists. As theatres and galleries have shuttered across the world and countless events have been cancelled, creative people are finding a dearth of opportunities to make a living from their art. Thanks to Covid-19, we’ve …

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Why You Need A Creative Coach

freeringcircus | March 19, 2020

Being an artist is hard work. We face crippling self-doubt as naysayers tell us we “should have gotten a real job.” We struggle to command enough money for our art, with even aerialists being offered a mere $25-50 — or …

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The Apps All Creative People Need

freeringcircus | March 14, 2020

Best Apps for Creative People in 2020

As a creative person, you likely have a lot of apps that you use to do your work. Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud, Final Cut, Affinity… but creative professionals need a little something more. Your …

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Organization Tips for Your Home Office or Studio

freeringcircus | March 2, 2020

There’s nothing quite like creative chaos… until it takes over your life and you find yourself scrambling to find a pencil, a pen, anything to write with. You settle on a broken crayon and wonder how you let your home …

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How to Create a Media Kit

freeringcircus | February 26, 2020

While word-of-mouth and ad campaigns are great ways to promote your business, there’s something to be said for the classic method of a good old-fashioned press release. It may seem outdated (who reads newspapers anymore?) but you’d be surprised by …

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How to Hire a Ghostwriter

freeringcircus | February 19, 2020

Contrary to popular belief, ghostwriters aren’t just for celebrities who want to release a memoir or publish a bestseller. Anyone can benefit from having a ghostwriter, whether you want a byline in a major magazine, a cover letter for your …

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How to Be More Creative

freeringcircus | February 1, 2020

Many assume that creativity is something innate, something that only certain people have. They’re half right. Creativity is innate, but it’s a key characteristic of the human condition. That’s part of what makes humans remarkable: We’re innovative, imaginative creatures with …

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How to Be Productive as an Artist

freeringcircus | January 18, 2020

When we first begin our creative hobbies, we paint, draw, or write when we feel like it. It’s a source of relaxation and fulfillment. If we don’t feel like doing it or we’re too busy, it falls by the wayside, …

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How to Create a Design Portfolio that Wows

freeringcircus | January 17, 2020

You probably know that for any professional artist — or anyone in a creative field — promotion is everything. You can’t waltz into galleries anymore with your paintings in tow. Dozens if not hundreds of other artists have beat you …

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Is Talent a Myth?

freeringcircus | October 28, 2019

Whether we’re talking about an actor we admire or wondering if we’re qualified for that job we want, we talk a lot about “talent.” Are you talented? What’s your talent? HR people and recruiters even call people “talent.” Talent seems …

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