Creative and Productivity Advice

The Apps All Creative People Need

freeringcircus | March 14, 2020

Best Apps for Creative People in 2020

As a creative person, you likely have a lot of apps that you use to do your work. Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud, Final Cut, Affinity… but creative professionals need a little something more. Your …

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Organization Tips for Your Home Office or Studio

freeringcircus | March 2, 2020

There’s nothing quite like creative chaos… until it takes over your life and you find yourself scrambling to find a pencil, a pen, anything to write with. You settle on a broken crayon and wonder how you let your home …

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How to Create a Media Kit

freeringcircus | February 26, 2020

While word-of-mouth and ad campaigns are great ways to promote your business, there’s something to be said for the classic method of a good old-fashioned press release. It may seem outdated (who reads newspapers anymore?) but you’d be surprised by …

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How to Hire a Ghostwriter

freeringcircus | February 19, 2020

Contrary to popular belief, ghostwriters aren’t just for celebrities who want to release a memoir or publish a bestseller. Anyone can benefit from having a ghostwriter, whether you want a byline in a major magazine, a cover letter for your …

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How to Be More Creative

freeringcircus | February 1, 2020

Many assume that creativity is something innate, something that only certain people have. They’re half right. Creativity is innate, but it’s a key characteristic of the human condition. That’s part of what makes humans remarkable: We’re innovative, imaginative creatures with …

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How to Be Productive as an Artist

freeringcircus | January 18, 2020

When we first begin our creative hobbies, we paint, draw, or write when we feel like it. It’s a source of relaxation and fulfillment. If we don’t feel like doing it or we’re too busy, it falls by the wayside, …

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How to Create a Design Portfolio that Wows

freeringcircus | January 17, 2020

You probably know that for any professional artist — or anyone in a creative field — promotion is everything. You can’t waltz into galleries anymore with your paintings in tow. Dozens if not hundreds of other artists have beat you …

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Is Talent a Myth?

freeringcircus | October 28, 2019

Whether we’re talking about an actor we admire or wondering if we’re qualified for that job we want, we talk a lot about “talent.” Are you talented? What’s your talent? HR people and recruiters even call people “talent.” Talent seems …

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Productivity Tips and Tricks from the Theatre

freeringcircus | October 16, 2019

Productivity is a science, a market, a way of life… but ultimately, it’s a performance. You’re trying to manipulate your time and energy while using your skills to get stuff done. Like any type of performance, productivity has its own …

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How to Find Your Perfect Productivity System

freeringcircus | September 23, 2019

Productivity is a market, a subculture, a philosophy, and the bane of everyone’s existence. Perhaps you struggle with prioritizing your tasks. Perhaps you feel like you chug and chug along but can’t get enough time. Perhaps you’re easily distracted. Perhaps …

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