How to Be More Creative

Many assume that creativity is something innate, something that only certain people have. They’re half right. Creativity is innate, but it’s a key characteristic of the human condition. That’s part of what makes humans remarkable: We’re innovative, imaginative creatures with a strong creative impulse.

Sadly, many people assume that they’re not creative because they’re not artistic. The two are not the same! Being artistic means having a propensity to create art. Creativity refers to an ability to, well, create. And anyone can do that.

Yes, anyone can be creative — because they’re already creative! That said, creativity is a muscle, and it can always benefit to have a bit of a workout. Here are some ways to boost your creativity and be more creative.

Write regularly

You don’t have to be a capital-W Writer to benefit from a regular writing practice. Whether you write a personal blog, compose poems, or simply keep a journal, you can get your gears turning by putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). The mental activity of transforming your thoughts into words helps improve your memory and general cognitive function, sure, but it also boosts your creativity! You’re discovering new ways to connect disparate ideas and reflect upon experiences, and that’s a creative act.

Solve puzzles

Crossword and sudoku are famously good for your brain, but they’re also good for your creativity. One of humans’ top characteristics is our ability to solve problems. As with writing, we connect different pieces of information to draw a conclusion. When we solve a problem, though, we’re predicting what will happen in multiple scenarios and creating a plan of action to bring what we want to fruition. This is a superpower! By regularly solving puzzles, we’re flexing our creativity muscle.


We often think of children as creative, and we give them arts and crafts supplies to feed that creative impulse. Why should we as adults deprive ourselves of that? Our imaginations may temper a bit as we age, but they’re still there. Treating our inner child with regular play is crucial to keeping that creativity muscle in check. Make time to play games with friends, and feel free to lay back, daydream, and let your imagination run wild. You might just find that you come up with a creative solution to a problem in your life.

Creativity doesn’t have to be elusive, and it has little to do with talent or skill. It’s a natural function of your brain, and with a bit of nurturing, you can boost your creativity. With a strong creative muscle, we’re better able to innovate and reflect on the challenges of daily life.

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