Find Your True Purpose

Have you ever done an Ikigai? Pronounced “eye-ka-guy,” this Japanese system can help you find the points of connection among what you love, what you’re good at it, what the world needs, and what you can get paid for. It’s a great way to guide your goal-setting and sense of fulfillment!

Here’s what you do…

1️⃣ Draw the diagram. The four domains are: What I Love Doing, What I Am Good At, What I Can Be Paid For, and What the World Needs

2️⃣ Fill in each quadrant. Add as many or as few things as you like.

3️⃣ Identify what your passion, mission, profession, and vocation should all be.

4️⃣ Live by your ikigai!

When life punches us down, it can feel like our core values have been distorted or like our dreams don’t matter. The Ikigai can help remind you of your true purpose.

That’s why we launched Free Ring Circus, to help empower other people to tell their best story. Despite life’s trials, we are more than our circumstances. Ikigai shows us the way.

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